We help teams design, build and distribute innovative security token offerings.

Our Strengths

Speed to

The experience to execute fast in a dynamic market.


Legal and regulatory clarity to raise with confidence in multiple jurisdictions.

Access Global

Faster, less expensive, global funding.

Deep STO experience, from the front lines.

We are leaders in the Security Token industry.

Our Principals led one of the first Security Token Offerings (STOs), a Tokenized Hedge Fund, which represented 10% of all security tokens in existence upon issuance in 2017. This leadership has led to pioneering leading legal, regulatory and custodial solutions — alongside the world’s top regulators, financiers and technologists.

Orbit brings the knowledge and networks necessary to succeed in the dynamic security token markets.


Token Design and Development

  • Design and strategy sprints
  • Product management
  • Smart Contract Creation

Token Structuring and Regulatory Guidance

  • Offering design
  • Legal advice coordination


  • Investor outreach
  • Marketing and PR